Futurum // Knowledge- and Innovation Festival
The event that will mark the future of Limburg
Where professionals, knowledge institutions, students, government and the corporate industry meet
Kick-Off • November 23 + 24 2017 // Festival • 19 - 24 March 2018

On the 23rd and 24th of November 2017, Futurum will start its Kick-Off at various locations in the city center of Heerlen. From March 19th up to March 24th 2018, we will organize the Futurum Knowledge and Innovation Festival. The ‘Place to Be’ for innovative Limburg.

Futurum is the knowledge and innovation festival, where knowledge is shared and talent will be developed. A get together with inspiring workshops, sessions, the sound of the future and a wake up call. Do not let the future wait. Experience the future with Futurum and dare to dream about jobs that do not yet exist. The future, will be realized together. Futurum offers all the necessary tools that can assist you, developed by the top of our own region.

Teach it

Get to know the youth. Providing attention to their personal interest and aptitude creates more motivation, fun and less dropout at schools and businesses. At Futurum, professionals of the future, discover their true talent with inspirational encounters, innovative tests and exciting confrontations. And with that talent they can get started in our region.

Work it

Futurum challenges. Education, entrepreneurs and the government join hands on our workfloor. What do we give young people for their future? Meet each other, learn from each other, work with each other. During Futurum there are several B2B activities to be enjoyed. Together, we send visitors on an exploration tour along all the possibilities within (future) sectors.

Live it

Enjoy the amazing developments of local and international startups, even enjoy the taste of the future at one of the Food Trucks and challenge young people to get started with their talents. Sharing knowledge is key, but there is also plenty of space for fun and creativity. The more the better! Heerlen sets a stage for innovative companies and interesting program components. Together we organize the event of the future and set up routes alongside the pillars on which it is built.

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Program November 23 & 24 2017

Futurum offers two action packed days during the Kick-Off in November 2017 with a strong in-depth program that focuses on sharing knowledge.

Join us at the Futurum Knowledge and Innovation Festival. Do not let the future wait. Better life begins now!

A day filled with current themes, interesting speakers, interactive workshops, tests, research and promising networking opportunities. During the festival in March 2018 there is also room for music, theater, dance, art and good food and drinks. Education, entrepreneurs and government. Together we show how we care for the future of our youth and region.

Futurum shows what others are talking about. We provide an attractive route through the city center of Heerlen. Visitors can explore our events with the help of a map.
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It are the important players in Limburg that are the future. In that list, your company or organization cannot be missing. From start-up to multinational and from care institution to knowledge institution. Futurum is the stage where you can show what your organization stands for.

Is your company or organization innovative? Do you work with others to ensure a better future? Want to let others experience how much better this world could be with your product? Become Futurum’s partner and help people on their way to a healthier, better and longer life.

As a Futurum partner, you invest in the future of Limburg!

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Zuyd Hogeschool is Futurum's main partner
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